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Lucille Carbillet won the "BritRock Prize" at the annual general meeting of the "Tectonics Studies Group", held in the UK.


The BritRock prize is awarded for the best PhD presentation (poster or talk) that incorporates a significant element of laboratory rock deformation in the course of the research. The BritRock prize is awarded and sponsored by BritRock, the UK’s Rock Deformation Network. A lot of high quality research, involving challenging laboratory methods, was presented at the 2021 TSG and the judging panel (again) had a tricky time picking a winner.


The winner was Lucille Carbillet, a 2nd Year PhD student from University of Strasbourg, who combined a series of experiments to support new field evidence for understanding the mechanics of faults bearing phyllosillicates, using saw-cut triaxial experiments and structural geology methods. Her presentation ‘Cooking synthetic rocks in the laboratory: preparing “sandstones” with known microstructural attributes’ was given to the highest standards, and with fresh and novel scientific conclusions. A worthy winner."