Personal information

Nationality: French

Languages: French, English (fluent)

Email: jf.girard[at]

Position: Professeur

Office: D 113 (5, rue René Descartes)

Tel: (+33) 03 68 85 02 91

Employment and Education


  • 2010: Habilitation to supervise research: Contribution à l’Hydro-Géophysique : Développements et Applications de la Résonance Magnétique Protonique et des Méthodes Electromagnétiques, soutenue le 6 Avril 2010 à l’Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg.
  • 1999-2002: Ph.D.- Thesis: Ground Penetrating Radar, Imagerie géoradar et modélisation des diffractions multiples, soutenue le 18 décembre 2002, à l’université de Strasbourg I.
  • 1996-1999: Engineering school in Geophysics (EOST).



  • Since September 2015: Professor of Geophysics at EOST Strasbourg, in charge of Geophysical Prospecting methods, Electrical & Electromagnetic methods, Potential methods, Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance courses.
  • April 2003 – August 2015: Geophysics Engineer, BRGM, French Geological Survey, France.
  • September 2002 - March 2003: ATER contract at EOPGS (Research and teaching temporary contract)

Research Interests

  • Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • EM methods for Geothermal exploration
  • Electrical Resistivity Imaging
  • Ground Penetrating Radar

Teaching and Responsibilities


2015-present: Geophysical prospecting methods, Potential methods, Electrical Resistivity Imaging, Electromagnetic methods, Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance lectures at EOST


  • EOST, since 2005: Contribution to Hydrogeophysics module, SNMR and ERT
  • ENAG - Master 2, since 2011: EM & resistivity methods for mining exploration
  • BRGM formation, since 2005: professionnal training, introduction to geophysical prospecting methods
  • SAGEEP 2011 - Short course on Magnetic Resonance Sounding (1 day)

1999-2002: Practicals in Geophysics, seismic imaging and programming.


  • 2015-present : adjoint director of Labex G-Eau-Thermie (Geothermal Research project)
  • 2016-present : Organisation of the 3rd year of the EOST Engineering school
  • 2016-present : Member of the admission comittee of EOST
  • 2003-present : Contributor to MRS Workshops (organizations, scientific comittee)
  • 2002-present: Member of the European Association for Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)



  • 2006-2009: leader of national project ANR/PRECODD - ReMaPro (Resonance MAgnetique PROtonique)
  • 2009-2013: coordinator of french side of EUROGIA+ project, CO2FieldLab, (CO2 Field Laboratory for Monitoring & Safety Assesment)


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