Overview of the procedure

The overall procedure for the extractrion and analysis of pesticide commercial formulations is presented above.

All the formulations were extracted through liquid-liquid extraction procedure.

For intercomparison purpose, few formulations were also extracted by solid-phase-extraction (SPE) method.

Typical procedure consists in 3 steps:

1) Preparation of the aqueous solutions from commercial formulations

2) Liquid-liquid or Solid-Phase extraction

3) GC-C-IRMS analysis

These three steps are described below and in the corresponding publication.

Materials needed

List of the materials for a single formulation extraction

- 2 previously burn 15ml glass vials with cap

- 1 polypropylene centrifuge tube

- 12ml of ethyl acetate

- 1 GC vial

- 1 pasteur pipette (glass)

- 1 and 5ml automatic pipettes and associated tips

- Pure N2 gaz evaporation bench

- Vortex

- Centrifuge

- Fumehood



Step 1: Aqueous solution preparation

Step 2: Liquid-Liquid extraction

Step 3: Isotopic analysis on GC-C-IRMS