Maître de Conférence à l'Université de Strasbourg - HDR

Research Interest

  • Determination of weathering rates in soils over various time scales, using U- and Th-series disequilibria (U-Th-Ra)
  • Mobility of radionuclides (U, Ra) in the critical zone: gobal (natural systems study) and experimental approaches (investigation of the interaction processes at the molecular scale using Synchrotron X-Ray technics)
  • Behaviour of continental hydrothermal systems

Current Research

  • Improvement of the U-series disequilibria geochronometer: separation of primary minerals and pedogenic fractions in soils.
  • Contribution of short-lived nuclides of the U- and Th- series (226Ra, 228Ra, 228Th , 210Pb) to the study of ecosystems
  • Alteration processes in hydrothermal system


Isotopic Geochemistry, Hydrogeochemistry -Hydrogeology


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