The objective of IMAGINE² (IMAGINg and analytical national platform for the Environmental and Energy transition) is to create an open technological platform spread across the French territory, to characterise a wide range of complex, heterogeneous, usually fragile materials and samples, related to the two pillars of the environmental and energy transition. The platform aims to enhance our national capabilities and international competitiveness, while optimizing the investment and operating costs. The strength of this national platform will be to perform multiscale analysis in static and dynamic conditions (4D) under chemical, physical, biological, and mechanical loads. By developing Correlative imaging and Multi-modal analysis, IMAGINE² will bring together X-ray, electronic and 2D-3D spectroscopic imaging equipment to decipher the relationships between the textural, structural and chemical properties of materials and their functions, effects or performances. The spatial resolution and scale correlation will be in line with those at which the thermo-hydro-bio-chemical-mechanical processes occurred.

The implementation of such a platform which promote transdisciplinary among already excellent research teams spread across several locations will be an asset for the development of cutting-edge science to foster the development of the energy and environmental transition. IMAGINE² targets the multi-level characterisation required in both the academic and industrial sectors.

  • Target 1: Multi-scale and multi-modal characterisation of heterogeneous and complex multi-phases materials able to downscale approaches from the field to the pore network and atomic scale.
  • Target 2: Correlative imaging at macroscopic to nanoscopic spatial resolution
  • Target 3: Analysis of the reactivity of the system studied under physical, chemical, biological or mechanical perturbations including in situ or in operando condition
  • Target 4: Detection of trace elements in complex heterogeneous environments submitted to organic/inorganic pollution

Beyond the technical responses proposed, IMAGINE² represents unique expertise in the field of multi-scale, multi-technical, and correlative imaging. The consortium will propose a workflow-based process for the integration of multi-technical measurements in time and space.