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Maître de Conférences (HDR)

Seismologist (seismic tomography) 

  • Watch my talk  (Collège de France, Paris, 2021):  Global Seismic Tomography Using SOLA-Backus-Gilbert Inversion
  • My research:
    In the recent years, I have introduced and adapted the SOLA method to solve large scale, linear (or linearized), discrete and continuous tomographic problems (Zaroli, 2016, 2019; Zaroli et al. 2017). SOLA is a variant of Backus-Gilbert inverse theory. I like to refer to this new tomographic method as: SOLA-Backus-Gilbert tomography (or SOLA tomography, for short :-).
  • Some advantages of SOLA tomography:
    -  Models accompanied with resolution and uncertainty informations

    -  Direct control on resolution/uncertainty
    -  No a priori constraints on model parameters (but on model resolution)
    -  Models can be free of averaging-bias effects, and fit the data
    -  Data-kernels can be fully exploited (if no model space discretization)
    -  Natural framework for tomographic-geodynamic comparisons