Axes de Recherche

    Experimental Geophysics


    • Multi-scale imaging

    Seismic, electro-mag, drilling, methodological developments (from grain to field).

    • Movement of fluids

    Electrical methods, radar, spontaneous potential, electro-filtration, seismic-electric, flow modeling, links between fluids and micro-seismicity.

    • Formation and deformation of geological stuctures in reservoirs

    Location, fractures, bands of compaction, damage, stylolites, imaging of microstructures and their deformation.

    • Fault rheology

    Seismic source, slow earthquakes, friction laws, multiplet physics, nucleation, seismic cycle, induced seismicity.

    • Slope instabilities

    Wet avalanches, landslides and coupled water-material flows, role of fluids, site instrumentation, analog and digital modeling, geomorphological hazard

    • Geothermal energy

    Physical properties of reservoir rocks, stimlulation strategies, fluid flow, hydro-thermo-mechanical modelling.

    • Volcanology

    Volcano stability, effusive-explosive transitioning, outgassing, hydrothermal alteration, fluid flow.