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The relationship between the subsidence history of the south of the South China Sea (SCS) and the SCS spreading.



   The South China Sea (SCS) is located at the intersection of the Eurasian Plate, the Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate. Its evolution is controlled by the interaction of ocean and land plates and is one of the most active tectonic movements in the world. (1) Using sedimentation history and sedimentology analysis—identifying the difference in subsidence rate and sedimentary pattern of different continental margin basins in the SCS; (2) Using Basin dynamics and tectonic stratigraphic methods to explain the causes of sedimentary filling in marginal basins of the SCS and the SCS Expansion. The purpose of the research is to study the relationship between the regional tectonic movement and the spatial and temporal changes of subsidence in various depressions, and to reveal the genetic relationship between the sedimentary filling of the continental marginal basin and the SCS expansion events.


Study Period:

Octobre 2018- Octobre 2019



Gianreto Manatschal


Université de Strasbourg (UdS)
Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre (EOST)
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