Ph.D Student


Deglaciation and morphosedimentary dynamics of ice-contact systems: example of the eastern margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet since the Last Glacial Maximum.

Beginning and end of thesis: 
January 2018 – December 2020


Jean-François Ghienne (Université de Strasbourg, France)

Patrick Lajeunesse (Université Laval, Canada)

Project description: 

Palaeo-glaciological reconstructions are an important aspect of climatological studies because of the major role of ice sheets in the climate system. Extinct ice sheets, such as the Laurentide Ice Sheet in North America, are believed to have operated in a comparable way as present-day ice sheets. Understanding palaeo-ice sheet dynamics is thus important for the apprehension of modern ice sheets behaviour, as well as the global climate, since it could be used as an analogue in Antarctica and Greenland.

This project aims to determine the effects of climate variabilty, sea-level change and topography on the eastern margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet since the Last Glacial Maximum (ca. 21 000 years ago), using a combination of geophysical and geological methods. Focus will be on specific palaeo-glaciological aspects, such as: 1) defining the maximal extent of the Laurentide Ice Sheet; 2) determining the dynamics and variations of ice-flow; 3) identifying patterns of ice retreat; and 4) associating sedimentary facies with different glacial processes.


Stratigraphy, deglaciation, Eastern Canada, cosmogenic exposure dating, radiocarbon dating.