Ph.D Student


The Role of rift-inheritance in the Pyrenean – Cantabrian System: observations, quantification, and comparison with other collisional systems

Beginning and end of the contract

September 2017 – August 2020


  • Gianreto Manatschal (University of Strasbourg)
  • Josep Anton Muñoz (University of Barcelona)

Project description:

This PhD is part of the OROGEN project, co-funded by Total-BRGM-INSU, which attempts to better constrain the processes associated to orogens formation, from pre-orogenic inheritance to post-orogenic evolution, by the study of the Pyrenean system.

The aims of this project are to work on transfer systems related to the segmentation of the Pyrenean – Cantabrian system and define their inheritance and their evolution during rifting and the subsequent compression. To compare the transfer systems and upscale them in a plate kinematic scenario provided by the kinematic restoration of the Atlantic system. And to compare with other analogues and provide the interface with modelling (input vs. output).


Inheritance – Segmentation – Transfer systems – Reactivation – Pyrenees