Research interests

PhD candidate in "Transport and degradation of urban biocides from facades to groundwater: insights from compound-specific isotope analysis" in the NAVEBGO project.


  • Fate of micropollutants in the environment
  • Stable isotope fractionation to determine degradation mechanisms


More about the NAVEBGO project:


Reithmaier, G. M. S., Johnston, S. G., Junginger, T., Goddard, M. M., Sanders, C. J., Hutley, L. B., et al. (2021). Alkalinity production coupled to pyrite formation represents an unaccounted blue carbon sink. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35, e2020GB006785.

Glaser, C., Schwientek, M., Junginger, T., Gilfedder, B. S., Frei, S., Werneburg, M., ... & Zarfl, C. (2020). Comparison of environmental tracers including organic micropollutants as groundwater exfiltration indicators into a small river of a karstic catchment. Hydrological Processes, 34(24), 4712-4726.




M. Sc. Applied and Environmental Geoscience, Eberhard Karls Universiät Tübingen, Specialization: Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Microbiology

B. Sc. Umweltnaturwissenschaften (Environmental Sciences), Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen