João Pedro Macedo Silva

Visiting PhD student

I am currently a PhD candidate from Brazil visiting University of Strasbourg for one year in the group of Prof. Dr. Gianreto Manatschal. I am interested in numerical modeling of tectonic processes from rifting to continental collision.

Begin: 10/11/2023
End: 9/11/2024

PhD project

Title: From breakup to continental collision: Influence of rifted margins on the dynamics of collisional orogens through time

The Earth's tectonic regime evolved over geological history culminating in the present Plate Tectonics. Due to secular cooling of the planet over billions of years, it is expected that in the past, its thermal and rheological structure were different, affecting the deformation pattern of crust and lithospheric mantle over geological time. So, this project aims to numerically simulate the formation of orogens from previous rifted continental margins considering a variable initial thermal structure to upper mantle, according to Earth's geological age, to evaluate the role of the upper mantle thermal structure and the geometry of rifted margins on the formation and evolution of Fanerozoic and Neoproterozoic orogens using geological and geophysical constraints.

Project in Strasbourg

I will stay in Strasbourg from 10/11/2023 to 09/11/2024, focusing on numerical experiments involving the rifting process. So, during this year, the aim is to understand the impact of mantle potential temperature on the evolution of rifted margins.

Research interests

Numerical modeling
Rifted margins
Continental collision.


Victor Sacek, IAG, University of São Paulo - Brazil
Carlos E. Ganade, Geological Survey of Brazil - Brazil
Gianreto Manatschal, CNRS-ITES, University of Strasbourg - France


Silva, J. P. M., Sacek, V., & da Silva, R. M. (2023). The influence of lithospheric rheology and surface processes on the preservation of escarpments at rifted margins. Tectonophysics, 851, 229769.



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