• Vice-Président of the European Center of Geodynamics and Seismology (E.C.G.S., Luxembourg).
  • Membre of the Working Group of the International Lithosphere Program on "Great Earthquakes of the Late Holocene" (Contemporary Dynamics and Deep Processes), and II-5 “Earthquake Recurrence Model”.
  • Membre of the "American Geophysical Union" (AGU) and the European Geophysical Union" (EGU),
    Co-president of the Working Group on "Geologic records of past earthquakes » of the European Seismological Commission (ESC). Co-president of the Working WG6 sur l’évaluation de l’aléa sismique dans la zone euro-méditerranéenne.
  • Membre of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Annals of Geophysics (from 1990 to 2006)
    « Citoyen d’honneur - Freeman» of the city of d’El Asnam (Algeria) for the scientific contribution following the 10/10/1980 earthquake (Mw 7.3).
  • « Merit Award » from the Italian Ministry of the Intérieur for the scientific contribution following the September-October 1997 seismic sequence in the Umbria-Marche.
  • « Honour Award » from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (5th International Symposium on the Eastern Mediterranean Geology, Greece) for the work on the active and seismogenic faults of the Eastern Mediterranean regions.
  • « Honour Award » from the Geological Society of Turkey (61st Geological Congress of Turkey, 24-28 March 2008) for the contributions on active tectonic studies in Turkey.