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  • 1998 – PhD University of Strasbourg – France, major : Fluid Mechanics
  • 1998/1999 – ATER (teaching assistant) – University of Strasbourg
  • 1999/2005 – Maître de Conférences (A. Professor) – University of La Reunion
  • 2005– HDR (Qualification to Research Supervision), University of Strasbourg, major : Fluid Mechanics
  • 2005/2014 – Research scientist (CR1) – CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research)
  • 2014 – Research Director – CNRS.


  • Modeling of flow and transport in saturated and unsaturated porous media
  • Modeling of coupled fluid flow with mass and/or energy transport in porous media
  • Modeling multispecies reactive transport
  • Modeling buoyancy-driven Navier-Stokes flow
  • Inverse problems
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  • Semi-analytical solutions
  • Laboratory experiments

Developed numerical methods

  • Mixed finite elements of RT0, BDM1 and the new formulation with one unknown per element
  • MultiPoints Flux Approximation methods (MPFA)
  • Discontinuous Galerkin methods (DG) with local time stepping
  • Eulerian Lagrangian Localized Adjoint Methods (ELLAM)
  • Method of Lines (MOL)
  • Non-conforming finite elements of Crouzeix-Raviart (CR)
  • Plynomial Chaos (PC) expension
  • Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods ;
  • Fourier-Galerkin Spectral Methods


  • Physique générale, Thermodynamique, thermique ;
  • Mécanique générale, Mécanique des fluides, Mécanique analytique ;
  • Hydraulique en charge, Hydrogéologie ;
  • Résistance des matériaux, Mécanique des milieux continus ;
  • Techniques numériques, Mathématiques appliquées à la physique, Résolution des équations aux dérivées partielles ;

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